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Welcome to We Make Pop, where we're not just in the business of experiential marketing, pop-ups, large format installations, and live performances – we're committed to authenticity, curiosity, and cultural relevance, infusing our work with a touch sophistication.

Our mission? It's simple yet profound – we're here to creatively engineer impactful journeys that generate connections and leave a lasting impression. We craft ideas that not only enhance reality but also stretch the boundaries of imagination, foster genuine connections between brands and their consumers, and tug at the heartstrings of our audience.

Founded and led by industry innovator Jennifer de Fouchier, this crack team of collaborators has decades of experience working with international brands and critically recognized artists.

Leveraging their substantial collective experience, they dream up, design, and produce unforgettable, vibrant brand stories through innovative and compelling activations. With a sixth sense for establishing clients' needs and consumers' desires, they deliver unique concepts and laser-focused solutions that not only connect brands with their audiences but also foster meaningful connections between people across the US and Europe.

Reach out today, say Hi and let's get cracking!

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